The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots


 NOTE: on video below - you can see the whole book and hear Julie reading it.

WINNER!  The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots WON the Next Generation Indie Book Award for Illustration!!

The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots – written and illustrated by Julie Dawson

“Grab your sack and hiking stick.

Wear your best bandana

We’re off to find a secret place

In a high savannah."

And thus, four Sillybillies in bright bandanas set out on a hike in Africa where they do find the secret place, discover all kinds of animals, plus the wisdom and magical powers of a Giraffe and a Zebra. And the joy in getting to know others “different” from them. Julie’s hope is for all of us to find happiness in expanding our world through new friendships. Some magical twists bring extra delight. 

At the end, readers find a special place to record "New Friends I have Made".

This book is an excellent starter for discussions (among kids and adults) about how to change Hate to Appreciate to Celebrate. It is an excellent addition to programs about Leadership as inclusion of everyone is an essential skill for all leaders.  Great for older kids and adults too.

The Sillybillies book series began when Julie discovered 6 year old Becca was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. After sending a Sillybillies print, Julie wrote three books of encouragement for her.  In all her Sillybillies books, the fun imaginary characters invite readers to find joy in friendships. 

For her illustrations in The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots, Julie combined her watercolor paintings of the Sillybillies themselves with her digital creations of the many animals and scenes of Africa.

8.5 x 11 inches, 13 pages, ages 3-10 and 21-101. Price $15.00 US

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