The Sillybillies Find Confidence - New in 2023!


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The Sillybillies Find Confidence - written and illustrated by Julie Dawson.
This is the newest in the Sillybilly series.  Six anxious Sillybillies from around the world world, work together to repair a tree, a new experience that is testing their skills. Each discovers a new level of confidence in her achievement.  Young people today are concerned with their self-esteem.  This story can be helpful personally, in group discussions, and in leadership training programs. Another essential skill for leaders.   Great for older kids and adults too.
The Sillybillies book series began when Julie discovered 6 year old Becca was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. After sending a Sillybillies print, Julie wrote three books of encouragement for her.  In all her Sillybillies books, the fun imaginary characters invite readers to find joy in friendships. 

For her illustrations in The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots, Julie combined her watercolor paintings of the Sillybillies themselves with her digital creations of the many animals and scenes of Africa.

8.5 x 11 inches, 13 pages, ages 3-10 and 21-101. Price $15.00 US

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