The Sillybillies Find a Shadow


Note: In the video below, you can see the whole book and hear Julie reading it.

The Sillybillies on the Moon –  written and illustrated by Julie Dawson.

In this book, the Sillybillies find a way to cheer up gardener, Molly, on a dark and dreary spring day.  When she says, "I just want to see a shadow" the Sillybillies culminate their efforts with a visit to the sun.  And then things change with an extra surprise.
The Sillybillies book series began when Julie discovered 6 year old, Becca, was diagnosed with Brain Cancer. After sending a Sillybillies print, Julie wrote three books of encouragement for her.  In all her Sillybillies books, the fun imaginary characters invite readers to use their imagination in different ways.

8.5 x 11 inches, 16 pages, ages 3-10 and 21-101.

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