Spots and Stripes Headband


From Julie's book " The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots"  - A story about four Sillybillies in bright bandanas that set out on a hike in Africa where they do find the secret place, discover all kinds of animals, plus the wisdom and magical powers of a Giraffe and a Zebra. And the joy in getting to know others “different” from them.

With multiple ways of wearing them, whether on your head or around your neck, the message prevails – appreciating all people. It makes a statement from The Sillybillies Find Stripes and Spots.

Headband is made of microknit 85% eco polyester/ 15% spandex blend fabric.

We chose a small independent Canadian company to print our scarves – one at a time! This happy collaboration brings you a truly unique upscale work of art.