Here comes the Sun Purse


“The more they danced, the more they sang, the more the sun did giggle. And soon the sun joined in the fun with a warble and a wiggle.” From Julie’s book, The Sillybillies Find a Shadow. A great way for a little girl to carry her special treasures, and remember the happy story. Great for big girls too - for a sunny person or to bring cheer to someone.

Purses are made of a sturdy, black canvas-like material with an interior pocket. The exterior flaps are interchangeable. Order an additional flap for a change in look.

The purses measures 9 inches tall by 8 inches wide with a strap that can extend to 20 inches.

We chose a small independent Michigan company to print our purses one at a time! This happy collaboration brings you a truly unique upscale work of art.