Sillybillies Alphabet - Q



Available in two sizes - 8.5x11 and 5x8 inches.  

Available as a print on card stock.

NEW!! Fanciful Sillybillies play on each letter of the Alphabet. Drawn by Julie Dawson who had a very silly time writing and illustrating her Sillybillies books.

Invite children to meet the Sillybillies who pose with each letter of the alphabet – having silly fun! The kids can discover their own initials and their whole name for their room and door. Libraries and schools and day care centers can display the whole alphabet and select a letter for the day. Fun decorations and personalized souvenirs at Birthday parties. How about a treasure hunt to find the letters hidden by something that starts with the same letter?

Hey – include adults in on the fun. To enliven a meeting, gathering, class, or party, ask attendees to find a chair with their initial on it. Start introductions with people describing how they are alike or different from the sillybilly on their letter/ Alphabet card. Make fun icebreakers, introductions, and gifts. Check out Julie’s Sillybillies books to see if one can be used to set the tone and theme. Start your gathering with a bit of silliness! Punctuate the gathering with more fun uses of the alphabet cards.

Talk to Julie with ideas for custom print -  a border, a formal square, a scrambled arrangement, a name or monogram hidden in alphabet. 

This listing is the letter "Q" only.  For the other letters or the complete alphabet, please see the other listings. These items are print on demand - please allow two weeks for delivery.