Sillybillies Scarf


Are you a teacher?  Mother?  Pediatrician? Day Care Worker? Therapist? Docent? Coach? Musical Director? Ballet Teacher? Nurse? Party Giver? Youth Leader? Athletic Coach? Grannie? Auntie? Museum Guide? Tennis Coach? Babysitter? Nanny? Or do you know one?  This collection of Sillybillies cheerfully says, “I love kids.” Julie’s Sillybillies books will enchant you and all those kids you know.

Scarf is 15 inches wide by 59 inches long.

A lovely soft silky feeling, made of 100% polyester for easy washing and no ironing.

We chose a small independent Michigan company to print our scarves – one at a time! This happy collaboration brings you a truly unique upscale work of art.